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What’s better than partaking in a 20 person slumber party in a three story mansion with grandma quilts, spooky ballerina pictures dangling on the wall, whiskey, bonfires, a swimming pool, no curfews, and friends that love geeking out on photos and film as much as you do? 

Video Credit: Hello Super Studios, Big Indian, New York


We founded Camp Go Away because no one else was offering what we wanted out of a photography camp.

We envisioned a place to come together with other videographers/photographers to reconnect with our cameras for personal use and to have the time and freedom to experiment with the unknown.  We also wanted to express the strength in community we are witness to in New York and throughout the East Coast.  The only options that we could find that seemed inviting were a few thousand dollars, had exhausting timelines, and were teaching what we already knew.  Sometimes it can be a lonely existence as a freelancer.  We just wanted to get the hell out of town and have fun with a small group of like minded people in a supportive environment.  

So in 2014, we started Camp Go Away, an East Coast gathering for photographers and videographers of all levels and styles that gives us a chance to hit the reset button and remember why we picked up our cameras in the first place.  We keep it intimate.  No more than 20 Campers and a handful of Camp Counselors gifting support as needed. 

 Final Project Day 2016

Final Project Day 2016


Camp Go Away is a 4 day video/photo camp nestled in the woods. 

CGA is personal project based and its 100% required.  You will choose a space in or outside of this charming old life-sized dollhouse to work with, and we will provide you with the tools and support you'll need to make your vision happen.  What tools you ask? A plethora of film + digital camera gear from our friends at Fotocare, film from Fuji, on site b&w film developing, a lighting expert, hi-res negative scanning, a makeup artist, and models,  At the end of it all, we will print one final image or series by each Camper to celebrate on display on the last day. Our very own little gallery celebration that will result in a cohesive narrative paying tribute to our time spent together as creatives, one of them being you. Because the last day is the most important, we ask that all Campers commit to staying until 3pm on Thursday. 

Camp Counselors will be there to help guide you on creating with a purpose + breaking through blocks and offering critique only if you want it.

Our end goal is that you leave feeling like a complete badass with a new-found awareness and confidence in creating for yourself.  You will also leave with 20 new friends, a ridiculously fabulous glamour shot, a final printed photo hanging on the wall, and a slight hangover.

Don’t be scared, it’s not all play-work. We want to give you time to think and mull around.  There’s plenty of lazy conversations to be had and intriguing viewpoints to sip on.  We’re not putting speakers on the pedestal for you to look up to.  They will be sitting next to you at breakfast, sharing their experiences, passing the sugar, and answering questions. 


Camp Go Away is hosted by Chellise Michael + Michael Busse


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