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SEASON 3 - 2016

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What the Campers are saying


“[CGA] reminded me of what I have always had in me, an artist that does have a unique voice”

-Autumn Adams

“Something that really struck me with the camp was that you saw everyone sweat a little, which to me humanized each camper in a really beautiful way. As I walked through the house, I saw everyone at different stages of their projects - frustrated, stressed, angry, excited, and/or joyful. When you look at a photographer's Instagram feed or website you only see the best, finished images. But being along for the process, and seeing people work made everyone a lot more human/vulnerable. I think that atmosphere made it so easy for people to jump in and help each other because we were all in the same boat.”

-Eileen Meny

“CGA was different in that we were not talked at, but talked with. We weren’t sitting in stiff seats asking about package prices or how to get more clients. We were there for ourselves and our art. We weren’t worried about how this would affect our careers, but how it would affect our inner selves.”

-Krista Hurst

“No one at camp noticed what I thought was very obvious. That I'm not a professional photographer. Despite that I felt like I belonged and dare I say, I was an equal creator. Most of my doubts were replaced by curiosity and to me that's everything. I'm more daring and ambitious in my art because of this experience.”

-Andrea Mendoza

“The most memorable experiences I had were assisting other campers with the execution of their projects. It was a thrill to observe their process and then see the final product.  It helped me realize that creativity is not a playbook. It is an individual's energy and it is never the same twice.”

-Rebecca Frey

"CGA brought out a different confidence - a pride and freedom in making the images I want to make, regardless of who might like them or hate them. A confidence in my visual language, my lighting, my framing. A more creative confidence. And this time it never became about being the best in the group.”

-Lydia Billings

“I left with a reignited passion and curiosity for looking at those same old familiar subjects differently.”

-Quyn Duong

“Camp Go Away really provides you with all of the things to make a vision a reality, they do the foot work for you so you can just walk in, have a concept and make it happen, no matter how crazy it might be you are going to have the love and support to make it happen there. Camp Go Away and all of the people there give you the encouragement to just create from your heart, to get in touch with who you are and allow you to just express yourself without restriction. Something that I really feel all artists need.”

-Jillian McGrath

“I had started working with film a bit before I came to CGA. But nothing near what some of the amazing people there had done. It's still a side project and work-in-progress for me, but I am obsessed. Taking a break from digital photography makes you stop and think, before you click the shutter while caught up in a moment. I loved getting to work with some others using polaroids, as I would watch them stop and consider every single detail before setting up the shot fully. I was able to bring this to my digital photography business, in a way that makes me more observant of the details in every photo I take.”

-Amy Hanon